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Google panda and penguin algorithm update.

Bringing the relevant pages to the top under Different Algorithm Update

The aim of the SEO was to bring the relevant information to the top of the search page. Google regulated the search result through algorithm update. Google aims to provide the most relevant result to the audience looking for information. As days pass, sites developed the inclination to stay on the top of the page. Staying on the top would get them much higher lead.

For achieving higher leads, websites overloaded information. That sometimes confused the Search Engine Bot from searching the relevant information. It hampered the motto of the Search Engine Optimization too. The engineers from Google had the real option of changing the algorithm to achieve its motto. By changing the algorithm, real information providing sites appear on the top of the search list.

The Panda and Penguin updates are the most known updates that assisted Google establishing its motto. These updates brought many websites’ ranking down overnight. These were the threatening for the webmasters as these did not come with prior notice. It just re-defined the way how the webmasters must construct the sites. The sites with irrelevant information and much advertisement got low ranking under these algorithm update.


Are You Afraid of the Algorithm Changes of Google?

Panda Algorithm Update:

Panda Algorithm Change hit all the sites in February 2011. Its aim was to bring the relevant search results to the top of the search result page. It brought many sites which used low quality content a low ranking. The sites with much low quality and irrelevant content struck badly with this Panda algorithm update. Before the webmaster can understand anything, it had already hit the websites. Google Panda algorithm brought as many as 22 updates to check the relevant content. It helped the searcher finding the best results on the search-result page. This algorithm change is also known as Farmer updates. This update penalized the websites trying to cheat the audience through too much of advertising and low quality content.

This update affected the whole website as it focused more on the content. It penalized every part of the website where there was a duplicate or low quality content.

Penguin Algorithm Update:

Google prescribes webmasters guidelines to guide the webmasters. Its aim is to facilitate the audience on the sites to get the best result. When Google marked most of the violations in its guidelines, it brought this Penguin Algorithm update. Then it simply curtailed the violated acts through this update. Penguin update hit the websites in April 2012.

The aim was to penalize websites breaching Google Webmaster’s guidelines. Website breached the guidelines to achieve higher ranks on Search result Page. This update showed declination in the ranking of the websites which used black hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO techniques included keyword stuffing, excessive link building, meaningless and duplicate content.

What is google algorithm and How does Google search algorithms work?

This Penguin algorithm change affected a part of the website. If the entire site did not contain spammed stuff or meaningless content, it did not harm the whole site. It affected pages by calculating the duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

These updates hit the websites badly. The major intention of Google was to check the intentional cheating of websites through these updates. Google denied sites with low quality content and other SEO techniques. The more honest a webmaster stays towards the guidelines, the less it gets hit by these algorithm update.

These updates were meant for minimizing the technical tricks and lot of advertising techniques made to the websites. By minimizing this, the confusion of an audience can be minimized too.

After all, bringing the relevant information to the top of the Search Result Page was the key intention of these different updates.

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