15 websites that provide freelance writing jobs.

You may feel bad, can’t find a proper job? Feeling depressed about it? What about a freelance writing job opportunity?

Some people who go with it change their life completely. Once you are getting started, you feel how easy it goes article after article. It will take some time to grow, but surely you can bring yourself to a new lifestyle with freelance writing job.

So where to get started? Where to find these jobs? In this article, I am going to share with you 15 the best websites that provide freelance writing jobs.-for-beginners/

There is a load of websites such as Freelancer, UpWork, Guru and many other. Do they really work? Can you actually earn money by freelance writing job? How to get started? And how does each of these websites work?

I am going to answer all these questions for you. Keep reading and you will open for yourself a new style of working!

Before we start our description I am going to give you 3 small tips

Once you decide for yourself to get started with freelance writing jobs you have to make yourself a schedule and if you are planning to make big money you have to work for at least 10 hours per day.

I will share with you 15 websites where you can start working with freelance writing jobs. All of them work, but don’t mix the things, choose for yourself 3-4 platforms to work if you are going to use more you will simply get lost.

Before you get started as a freelancer you have to write some basic articles and may be even open your own blog so you can share it with clients as your portfolio.

Learn How to create strong blog content?

15 websites that provide freelance writing jobs.

01. Freelancer this website provides you a load of freelance writing jobs daily. Here you can find all possible topics and different languages. That’s one of the most popular freelance platforms. The projects from all over the world and updates every hour. Everything is legal here and you can easily start working as a premium member for free for a month. Personally, that’s my favorite website.

02. UpWork this website is very similar by its size and platform with the first one. I would give it second place in this list. Easier in usage has updates almost every 10 minutes. The reason I didn’t give it the first place, they are charging the fee from you and actually it’s hard for beginners here. But it’s actually worth trying.

03. Toptal this is a little bit different from other freelance writing websites. Here you can get really good projects with extreme good payment from actually famous companies. Once you are a member of this community you will get help and lessons about freelancing. They are offering possibilities to attend their meeting and sharing with each other your experience.

04. Craigslist it’s a platform which shares work adds from different countries around the world. Clients and companies are posting writing jobs in its category, so if you are looking for a fast job its for you. They are sharing the of project details and contacts of companies, so once you find the project you like to contact the client and start working.

05.  Guru that’s one of the most popular freelance writing jobs platform. On this website you will surely find a job because it has about 1.5 million, active users, that means that website is one of the dominate in this category.

06. Problogger Jobs this website is the super need for everyone who wants to be a blogger or wants to write blog posts. Most of the most popular bloggers are posting here to find new connections. If you want to keep your writing style updated and modern go for it. Here you can find a load of clients who would ask from you some works or even full-time projects, it’s an amazing possibility for the once who are looking for a stable freelance writing job.

07. BloggingPro Jobs this platform is very similar to previous. Here you can find guide blogs and tips for bloggers that will help you with your work. On this website is posted a board with freelance writing jobs where you can get writing and jobs opportunities.

08. Project4hire this website is one of the first that offered freelance writing job. Nowadays, this platform is one of the major freelance websites. Here clients are offering a large specter of jobs daily, writers, virtual assistants, programmers and other freelancers can find well-paid jobs. This platform is a little bit hard to start with, but once you get used to it, you won’t like to leave it.

09. Mediabistro jobs this website is for freelancers who have some words about digital media. They don’t offer usual freelance writing jobs, but they still may have regular works for writers specialized in this section.

10. The Write Life Jobs that’s a blog with useful tips for freelancers and bloggers. They are offering a live board with active jobs. This website is very similar to BloggingPro and ProBlogger – they keep updating trends in blogging life and also offer you boards with blogging and freelance writing jobs opportunities.

11. CopyPress Job Board this platform is very popular with copywriters and designers. Their work selection is designed to provide jobs for the freelancers. Here you can find not only freelance writing jobs but also different others jobs, graphic design, web design, etc.

12.  Sacramento Press that’s an online newspaper that is looking for freelance writers who can work on regular basis. Send them your resume, bio, and idea for one post or even for a new column. They will appreciate it and you can even become a famous journalist here!

13.  Listverse that’s a very popular website, that’s looking for freelancers who can submit articles about unusual and interesting things and cool reviews. You may earn up to 100 dollars per 1500 words of a good content. You are free to choose what to write about, isn’t it an amazing freelance writing job?

14. WorldStart that’s also a media portal, that is interested in freelancers who can write about tips and tricks that every user can use in real life. And they are also looking for feature content. They are working with 250 to 800 words and paying up to 35 dollars, easy and fun job, give it a try!

15. Creative Loafing Charlotte that website is looking for freelancers who are good in story telling. This freelance writing job is very fun for the once who love to write in a little more artistic way. If you have a lot of stories on your mind and you feel ready to share them with the world, feel free to contact the manager of the website and get started.

So here you have the best job opportunities. Before you get started to teach yourself how to build your job strategy.

Small advice:

  • For the beginning choose the works you are sure you can do well.
  • Make sure that you fully understand your client, ask if you don’t understand something.
  • Build our cover letter in a unique way to be different.
  • Try to use all your writing skills to get the best projects.

So we are almost done with our list. Let’s mention once again that you need a portfolio when decide to become a freelance writer, the best one is a blog.

Freelance writing jobs are very fun and easy to be done, invest some time and you will like it, best of luck!

Please share this post, we are here for help each other.

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