How To Be A Successful Freelancer?

A successful freelancer Most have a Freedom life and Travel the word. So its Not easy to be a successful freelancer.

But If you have Read this Article and follow those Topic I am sure you will be a successful freelancer.

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person which offers their service,knowledge and skills for a fee, not for free as the name itself might propose. In general ,a freelancer works independently, playing the role of its own boss and superior, with no expectation of a  long-term relationship with a single employer.

Do I want to freelance?

If You need a chance for extra income, savings,collecting money for that special treat or a trip You wanted for so long, or simply paying Your living expences this might be the right step for you.

You can do Your regular job and be a freelancer at the same time. However in order to become a successful freelancer you will want to pay attention to the next paragraphs of this article.

What Do I Need to become a successful?

You basically just need to have something of a value you can offer to clients and customers. A special skill, talent,education in a specific field or pure experience. A portfolio of your work is also useful as well as your reputation, but you will mostly build that up along the way as well as references.

What to do?

01. Organised Your time and make a schedule:
Do not fall into the trap of taking on too much work without thinking  if  You can really provide and meet the expectations.
Make sure You organised the time. Set up a special calendar for Your freelance jobs and create appointments.

02. Remember-jobs will not always be there:
Some seasoned and times of the year are busier and therefore provide more job opportunities. However  some are the exact opposite. Do not let this discourage You or make You give up . It is a normal thing that happens in every profession out there, home based, office based, small business or a large corporation. It’s just the way the cookie

03. Fluency in English:
You do not have to be a professor of English language, you need to be able to understand the agreements with employers, communicate via chat, email and Skype.

04. Computer skills:
You have to know to use the basic software packages such as Office to be able to work even the simple tasks. For those serious and specific projects you have to know a lot more programs and have more skills.

05. Willingness to initially work for little money:
You can start from $ 1 per hour, but as You build a reputation You will earn much more.

06. Perseverance:
Never give up during the first month if you are not getting any jobs. Do not rush and do not spend all of the connections on the first day, but carefully choose activities that will be logged. After, it all gets easier.

05. Hard work:
You must be hard working and willing to work day and night for several days to finish the job on time. You have to respect your client and finish the job within the agreed time, because he relied on you and his job depends on your. If you are not ready for this kind of work, you will not become a successful freelancer.

 No explanation is required widely your previous career and education. Believe that the employer will not have time to read what you did before or what schools and colleges You went to. It is useful but time is money and if the employer is in a rush to get the job done asap,he will not have the time to pay attention to this.

06. Focus on the job description:
Let the employer know that you read the job description, that you understand what he is looking for and that you know how to do the job. If the job requires something specific be sure to provide a sample to the employer or insert some of your previous work which is close or similar to the required job. This way you show your employer quality.
Fairly evaluate your options and time. Do not set yourself unreasonable deadlines if you will not be able to fill them.

07. Always place a question:
Ask the employer about the job. This will get You one step closer to your employer’s assigned job.

08. Create a good profile:
Make sure to keep Your profile transparent, the spelling and grammatical errors to a zero. Be honest and fair. Only put your reference and work and do not fool around. If you lie, the consequences can be far-reaching.

 09. Your bid is your presentation:
Do your best. It’s really important to focus on and make it better. Do not be too cheap or too expensive, be somewhere in the middle or cover with this: quality means value added.

10. Try everywhere and be persistent:
Explore and see how everything has a purpose to try to compete. When you do, do not give up. It is likely you will not get any of the top 30 jobs for which you are applying. Maybe not 50 or even 100. However, when you finally get one thing it’s much easier.

11. Reputation is everything:
There is absolutely nothing that can replace a good review of your business, and what little they can to correct bad, if it is realistic.

– take jobs that You truly understand and can do
– do it on time and properly
– always be honest to the maximum, even if the others are not.

When You are a successful freelancer satisfied customers return and recommend

 12. Explore the advanced options and use them:
If the service offers the possibility that the money is safe (escrow), use it.

13. The cost of working hours :
Consider your objective. Start with $ 5-6 an hour for lower paying jobs and $ 15-20 for better paid. Let the real figure for developers and designer’s $ 30-40 for virtual assistants and other lower-paid jobs 8-12 $. I reckon that will be filled in 50-60% of the time.

14. Ask people to recommend you :
Once you do a good job, ask the client to write down a review. You can also thank them for that, on many sites, and you can evaluate them as good employers. Do not be cheap with words.

15. Create a website / portfolio:
Make your own site or an online portfolio. Connect with social media platforms in order to both advertise and get more clients. Plus, it makes You relatable.

Have a plan.

Do You research.

Deliver the best work.

Be thankful and hard working.

And remember- You are a brand so make it the best one out there.

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