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Technology, who doesn’t love technology and what it does in our lives. Technology today defines how we live, eat, relax and even have fun. It has made life easy to live in any situation you are in. The year 2017 has been a good year for tech minds that have come up with latest technology trends to look out for. Today we are able to do almost everything by the touch of a button. The hardest things in our lives are becoming easy to do. This year has not been any different there are great innovations that are changing the way we do things.

They include:-

Internet of things (IOT)

Internet of things is simply a system that interconnects digital devices into one enabling the user to control all the devices in one place.2017 has spearheaded the race to smart homes. Although some homes already have security systems, smart TVs, internet connection etc. These devices are not connected into one system. IOT is paving way for all these things to be one system. How cool will that be? Having a smart home and controlling everything from one place is something everyone would love to have.


Everything on demand

Today it’s easy to get services from the comfort of your hand. Smartphones have brought each and every service at the palm of our hands. Each and every company has an app to enable their user’s access services. Companies like Uber has connected customers and drivers through an app. Apps have brought the world together making it smaller and easier to live in. There are apps of places to stay, restaurants, deliveries etc. in the app sector, there is still more to watch for.



The era of a smartphone is growing day by day with more devices coming up with the latest smartphones. Giant smart phone companies have not disappointed us either. They are adding new advanced features day by day. The most recent company being Apple which makes iPhone smartphones.

They have come up with wireless charging. In the past, people had to carry their adapter plus the cable to be able to charge phones. With Apple’s wireless charging feature people will be able to use their phones longer. This wireless charging feature is a game changer in the smartphone industry with many users preferring to get their hands on the iPhone 8.


Machine learning

The internet is full of a lot of risks which one faces when surfing. These security risks can now be taken care of by machine learning tools. It prevents companies from losing billions of dollars through hackers who are always developing and looking for loopholes in systems. Machine learning tools are able to predict threats thereby notifying the company users on how to take care of them.

These tools are able to scrutinize the huge volumes of data at high speeds unlike the time and speed humans may take. Threats are detected even before it happens. This enables measures to be put in place to prevent such threats. The only drawback is that this machine gives warnings of threats which aren’t of a big concern.

The good news is that this drawback is taken care of by the machine learning from its mistakes. These mistakes are taken care of by security experts who work hand in hand with the machines. This is the greatest tool in cybersecurity with its ability to learn from mistakes and the ability to detect new threats.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI are machines which posses human abilities. They are able to work the normal way human beings work but lack a few aspects which can only be possessed by humans.AI are perfect in customer service and are widely used around the world. AIs work in the same way robots are used in industries. Both the AI and robots give better services than humans. They are so accurate, don’t tire and don’t require salaries. They are becoming favorable when it comes to working in industries since they are perfect and can handle dangerous work. The only problem with these machines is that they are replacing humans at work leading to loss of jobs.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the representation of our natural reality. This technology takes our natural environment and represents it in images for us to see. The images are so perfect that we see them as being real. This technology helps us represent images or plans that we have in mind.

This technology is of big help to industries such as architecture, entertainment, sports, games etc it offers a huge help to show us what happens in those industries. It helps us to take risks in this forms which are disastrous when done in real life. Trainees in medicine surgeons to be precise, pilots trainees use this technology to learn.

Technology is evolving and making life easy for us. Tech minds in Silicon Valley have given us brilliant innovations which help us in the day to day living, but also note that there are major security threats which come along with these innovations.

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