Your thoughts become things – How to change your reality.


Imagine that everything you think of will become your reality. Won’t you be careful with what and how you think?

The way you see and experience your reality is just a reflection of how you think and these are the think that you attract. If you for example sit in a dark corner of a room at a party and complain about everything, who do you think will join you? People who exactly think the same or have similar thoughts. If you now imagine yourself dancing and embracing life, who do you think will join you? Right, people with the same feelings and thoughts.

It seems to be so simple, that everything becomes reality, which means that everyone just must stop their negative thoughts. But realizing that this is true is the first big step including hard work. And even if this step is made, it is and will always be a daily practice to shift thoughts into positive ones.

The same works for ourselves. The way we think about ourselves the way we create our limits. If we constantly tell us that we are not enough or aren’t capable of things, we simply won’t experience the opposite. We would all give up before even trying. The way we think about us, the way we start feeling about us and that brings us to the point where we also act like this is our true self and aren’t allowing us to experience our full potential.

Reboot your brain

It is a daily practice. First recognizing negative thoughts and then turning them to the opposite. A great exercise for this is to write down everything that you think you aren’t capable of and write the exact opposite on the other side.

Every moment you catch yourself thinking in a negative way or find yourself in a loop of thoughts, take a deep breath and actively tell yourself to think about it in a positive way. You will see that after a while you don’t have to correct yourself all the time because it becomes a part of your life and yourself.

Challenge yourself

Do a little bit of what you think you won’t be able to do it and step out of your comfort zone. When you never try you will never see, that your thoughts are fooling you. You will experience that you are able to step out of your comfort zone and you will find it easier and easier with every step.


Your mind is powerful

When your thoughts create your reality, you must be careful with what you think and be aware of your thoughts and intentions. Take a few moments during the day to reflect the way you think about yourself and your surroundings.


Water Crystal Proof

This theory is not just a spiritual way of thinking – there is a scientific proof behind it. Dr. Emoto made an experiment in 1994 with water crystals to proof the truth of the fact that thoughts and intentions create realities.

He took frozen water from different places and spoke to it. One water experienced negativity and the other one positive intentions and thoughts. In the end the water which was spoken nicely to formed beautiful crystals, however the other one built ugly one crystals.

He did the same experiment with cooked rice and came to the same solution – Dr. Emoto proved that positive thinking works and has influence of physical surroundings.

And now think about that a very high percentage of our bodies are water. That means that even our body condition, the way we feel and the way we act is connected and formed by our thoughts.

You are the creator of your own reality

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