High functioning depression

Is High functioning depression an invisible disease? How to manage it?

Are you facing some issues that falls under High functioning depression? I know you might think that is High functioning depression an invisible disease or not and how to manage its symptoms?

Let’s take a look and discover your answer.

It is hard to detect high functioning depression in a person because we cannot determine it from a person’s physical appearance. Most of you have already heard about clinical depression is the worst part of your mental illness. People with manifest symptoms can easily detect a depressive disorder. In this regard, you will feel unhappy and don’t want to be social in your friend and family circle; you feel down and sad with yourself. The physical appearance will let people know that something is happening with yourself.

While when we talk about High functioning depression, people call it an invisible disease. Why?

Because from the outside, a person seems completely fine. We use the term persistent depressive disorder (PDD), which is linked with high functioning depression but is quite different from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

Let’s get into it and have a look at what a high functioning depression is? And what are its causes, symptoms, and cure?

What is High functioning depression?

Many mental health professionals do not recognize high functioning depression as a clinical disorder. Because a person going through such a condition can normally perform all activities without avoiding any social appearance, managing healthy relationships, and coping with other works completely without facing any difficulty. It is a less severe mental health illness. However, a person can encounter symptoms as well. But with high functioning depression, they still perform normally most of the time.

It should be kept in mind that there is a big difference between high functioning and fully functioning. A person with full function cannot be able to cope with work properly, manage their relationship, and is not being able to function properly. Earlier, people called this mental disease “Dysthymia,” and that term still links it.

Causes of depression

Depression is, although a complicated disease, no one knows what the major causes behind depression are? Sometimes depression does not require trigger or actual cause, it uncertainly falls into your life, and no one can help you come out from this phase accept yourself. However, there are some situations or aspects that lead you towards a negative mindset and make you mentally ill, which includes;

  • Financial crisis
  • Death
  • The extreme level of stress
  • Rejections
  • Aloneness
  • Life-changing experiences

Symptoms and how to diagnose high functioning depression?

When a person suffers from mental health issues, they must visit psychiatrists or other mental health professionals so that they can efficiently and accurately diagnose your problem and start your treatment immediately without any damage. They better know whether a person is suffering from high functioning or fully functioning. Some of the common symptoms of PDD and high functioning symptoms are described below;

  • High spell of insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Overeating or less hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Insufficient energy level
  • Weakened self-respect
  • Find difficulty in making stable decisions
  • Feeling desperate
  • Downhearted and sad

A mental health expert looks into your symptoms, and if you have 2-3 symptoms among lists, as mentioned earlier, you need proper treatment to make your mental health completely fine. If any symptoms disturb your ability to function and manage your work normally, then you might be entering a phase of fully-functioning depression. It will assess by your psychiatrist whether you are suffering from a severe form or a normal form of depression.

How to manage high functioning depression?

In some cases, people become hopeless and think it is invincible to come out from this depression phase. But believe me, you might conquer this obstacle and be free from this mental illness with some little effort. This maladjusted thought of being unbeatable will lead you towards the worst condition of high functioning depression. When you fall into the depression phase, you need to put yourself out with some treatment. Otherwise, you will lose your life badly.

Some significant steps will help you to manage your high functioning depression phase;

  • Do something that will make you active, though it is surely difficult for you to do that; if you want your mental health fine, you need to do this further. It is beneficial for you to do 30 minutes workout or any other physical activity that boosts your energy level and makes you active.
  • Take out sometime for a morning jog, running, or walking. Morning fresh air gives you inner peace and calm. It helps you to remain energetic all day.
  • Try to eat a healthy diet. I know your appetite is out of the way, and you are not feeling hungry, but having a well-balanced diet makes you fit and healthy. It makes you ready to fight against your depression.
  • Get enough sleep. When you sleep properly, your body feels relaxed, and your brain works efficiently. But keep this in mind don’t oversleep. It will make you lazy all day. Make a balance in your sleeping hours.
  • Give some time to yourself through sunbathing, grooming, spending some time on the beach, or hanging out with your friend. It will be difficult for you but do this for your wellbeing.

If all of the steps mentioned above are not working for you, you need psychiatrist sessions and mental therapies for full-fledged recovery. Don’t be afraid of any mental sessions or treatment. You will find it beneficial when you visit professionals in mental health care.

Bottom line

High-functioning depression can easily be cured and has several effective treatments that easily help you come out from this depressive phase. Although it is not as severe or exhausting as fully-functioning depression, it still ruins your functioning ability and decreases your energy level to enjoy your life. There is no reason to let yourself behind when there is the availability of fruitful treatments.

It is not always easy to recognize the symptoms of high functioning depression. It is a subtle mental disorder because it hides behind your working ability. Getting help to cure the symptoms of depression is essential because treatment of anything can make your life more enjoyable and functioning. It improves your mood and helps you to look better.

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