What does Good Web design Look like?

Any web design is considered to be effective and good when the viewers like it. It doesn’t matter that the owner of the web design like it or not. What matters is the user’s point of view.

If the user likes your Web design then you have achieved your goals. There are many essential elements which must be kept under consideration while making a web design.

The Web design not only comprises of the factor that how it looks like but the thing that matters is how it works and is that easy to use or not?

If your website is not designed well then it will perform very poorly and it will be useless for you as it will be comprising of sub-optimal Google Analytics metrics that means your website would have fewer views, fewer conversations, there will be less time for accessing your site as well as high bounce rates. To avoid all these blunders it’s important to have an effective web design. But it’s essential to know what makes a web design effective?

So, the following points will be quite helpful for designing an effective web design of yours.

1 Specific Purpose

The fabulous web design is what fulfills all its user’s needs. Are your viewers searching for topics like entertainment, information regarding something, some interacting material or something else? Keeping all these needs in your mind each and every page that is of your website should have a purpose as well as all these needs must also be covered so that your website’s web design is regarded pretty awesome.

2.Effective Way Of Communicating

The web users tend to have most convenient and point to point knowledge which they require, that means they want a quick way of communication from your side and the information which you are providing them is goog for them and they can easily digest it.

some essential details which must be included in your good web design are that the information which you are providing them must be up to date, organised in bullet forms rather than having long paragraphs and sentences along with headings and subheadings, so that your web design attract them more and your website get reviews and traffic.

3.Typing Font

One more important element for your web design is the Typing Font. the font that you use must be easy to understand. Generally, the font regarded as the easiest are San Serif Fonts like Verdana and Arial that the readers feel easy for online reading. the ideal online font size is 16px. these crucial details will make your web design streamlined.

4.The Color Contrast

the colours that you use for designing your website and for your content must be convenient for the viewer’s vision. Try to use complementary colours so that it can build harmony and balance. the use of shocking colours don’t attract the user’s vision and it will spoil the great information that you have written and the viewer will leave without reading it. So try to have a balanced background with good contrasting colours.

5.Pictorial Presentation

The best way to attract audience towards your website pictures as images speak more than words. Selecting quality images that attract audience will bring people to your pages and help you rank your brands on the top. try to also opt infographics, graphics as well as videos as it will lift up the appearance of your website.

6.The Navigation

Navigation is all about the easiness that you provide your audience that how easy it is for them to move and navigate around your website. Few effective tactics regarding it will help you like using the logical page hierarchy, following the Three click Rule and designing clickable buttons that your audience will find the appropriate and perfect knowledge from your website just within three clicks.

7.Use Of Grid Based Layouts

Another crucial tactic for your website is presenting the information in the form of grids because placing your content randomly won’t give it a good look and will give a haphazard look to your website that will look messy. Using columns, sections and boxes will make the appearance of your content balanced and will lead to a good looking web design.

8.Mobile Friendly Website

Try to build a web design that is friendly to all devices as nowadays the access to websites is easy from all devices having different screen length. So, if your website is friendly to all type of screen devices so you will get more views than restricting it to one size screen as it will be of no use to you. Try to make your Website mobile friendly to have an amazing as well as best web design.

9.Use of Bullets

A good web design is which consists of up to date knowledge. your content must not be too lengthy and having irrelevant information. Try to express your content in bullet form or having headings with different sub headings. this will make your information efficient and the user will feel easy as bullets are up to the mark it doesn’t express any extra or irrelevant information.

10. Less Loading Time

The most irritating thing that everyone feels is the load time. Everyone hates that page or website that takes too much time for loading. So design your website in a manner that it takes less time to load and the viewer don’t get irritated and stay on your website and this can b4e done if your image size is optimised, your codes are combined in central CSS or in the Javascript. This will let your page require less loading time.

11. F Pattern View

According to the human behaviour, it is regarded that when anyone is surfing on any type of screen. the viewer uses to see up, down and left the side. The left side is seen rarely before that. So design your content according to F pattern design and don’t disturb the viewer’s vision. This is the right way to portray your content.

By obeying these points you can make an amazing web design with lots of features and surely a number of people will be attracted towards your website by following these steps.

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