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If you plan to travel to Romania, you should know there are many ways to get there. Romania is the ideal holiday destination for adventure lovers and young families with children. Don’t worry about the costs, because you can plan a low-cost travel to this amazing European destination. What do you need to do?

It’s easy. If you travel with kids, it’s better to have your own car in order to keep your children happy and comfortable. If you’re an adventurer who likes to travel alone, you can go for a cheap train ride. Getting to Romania by plane is another choice, but it can be quite expensive during summer season. Here are our suggestions regarding the best ways to travel to Romania.


Romania Travel by Train

Romania Travel by Train

Using the train to get to Romania is cheaper than traveling by other modes of transportation. You can buy train tickets from your local travel agency or order them online. Romanian National Railways provides affordable tickets for tourists who plan their vacation few months in advance. Romanian travel by train is also very comfortable because nowadays trains are quite luxurious.

They feature first class wagons with comfy chairs, air conditioning system and private beds for overnight journeys. If you live in Europe, you might be interested in how long it will take to arrive in Romania by train. Take a look at this useful information regarding ticket prices from different European countries to Romania:

  • Balkan Flexipass offer is available for Romania travel from Southeastern Europe (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Turkey) to Bucharest – 53 Euros
  • Smart Tickets available from Bucharest to Wien – 39 Euros
  • Fortuna Tickets and Trip Tickets available from different cities in Hungary to Bucharest – 15 Euro


Romania Travel by Car

Romania Travel by Car

Cars are the quickest and safest way to travel to Romania. If you don’t own a car, you can rent one when you arrive in Romania. Cities like Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca and Constanta provide numerous renting car agencies ready to fulfill your driving dreams. When it comes to European states, crossing international borders is just a formality.

If your country is included in the European Union, you only need your ID card to pass the border to Romania. No passport needed! Isn’t this great? There are many roads that connect Bucharest with Milan, Paris or Rome. They also feature road signs which you have to follow, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost on your way home. Gas price is cheap in Romania (0.95 Euro/l), so traveling by car is a great choice for low-budget holidays.


Romania Travel by Plane

Romania Travel by Plane
Image: Casia Bianca Popa

 When you start planning your holiday to Romania make sure you book your plane ticket 2-3 months before the departure. We’ll show you how you can afford a Romania travel by plane at minimum budget. The first thing you’ll have to do is to go for economy-class tickets. Then, you should decide which Romanian city you want to visit first.

If you want to go to Bucharest, you can choose Tarom Airlines, which is the Romanian national carrier. If you plan to visit other cities such as Oradea, Sibiu or Timisoara, you can choose low cost airlines like Blue Air, Wizz Air or Austrian Airlines. They all provide cheap flights from Romania to different European countries such as Wien, Rome, Istanbul or Paris.


Romania Travel by Boat

Romania Travel by Boat
image by Casia Bianca Popa

Boats aren’t very popular in Romania, because it has only one sea opening at the Black Sea. If you want to make your Romania travel more beautiful, you should go to Constanta and rent a yacht for a couple of days. Also, another idea of traveling to Romania by boat is to buy a cruise ticket. Cruise ships are floating stations that help tourists travel by water from one country to another. The most popular cruise in Romania is Danube cruising, which attracts hundreds of people every year. When you’re on board, you can enjoy luxurious food and drinks which are included in the cruise ticket price. Also, most ships feature restaurants, bars, casino,

The most popular cruise in Romania is Danube cruising, which attracts hundreds of people every year. When you’re on board, you can enjoy luxurious food and drinks which are included in the cruise ticket price. Also, most ships feature restaurants, bars, casino, jacuzzi and pool. Sailing on the Danube only requires passport checking for European citizens.

No matter how long your holiday will be, Romania travel can be much easier if you choose the right way to get there. Don’t forget about booking your tickets in advance for big discounts and have a great time during your trip to Romania.

If you got extra money, you should also try special means of transportation during your vacation like the ferry, the tramway or cable cars.

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