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How to Write a Thank you Email after Meeting.

Thank a while it goes a mile, haven’t you heard of this quotation? If not, now you know it and it’s more than important for you to inculcate this in day-to-day life. Thanking someone becomes more crucial in a business and official set-up.

This becomes more important when the second party has graced you with their valuable time, wisdom and efforts. With the world running at a break-neck speed, electronic mail or email is the preferred choice for such communications.


When you meet someone, not only does that help you build a network but it also gives you an insight in them which may benefit your future conversations. Thank you email after meeting has become a mandatory follow-up these days.

Irrespective of your motive, objective and outcome of the meeting, it’s always appreciated to extend a vote of thanks. Not only does it warm the person towards you, but you can also use this email to solidify your connection with them. At the same time, remind what all you can bring to the table. Such emails need to be written very carefully keeping some very important points in mind. It generally proves to be nerve-wracking for most, but you need not worry about it. Following is a set of well put up guidelines to assist you in writing a perfect thank you email.

General considerations to keep in mind

01. The person you met might have been a very busy individual. Even if that is not the case, it’s always better to keep your email as concise as possible. It need not be river of words that someone has to swim through to reach the shore of your meaning. Be succinct and use your words in a well thought and efficient manner.

02. The timing of your email has to be appropriately judged. Do not wait for days together to thank the person. Also, do not be an eager beaver to thank as soon as you step out of his door. If you are too late in expressing your gratitude, there are high chances that it might not work the way you want it to. Similarly, if sent too soon, it smells of sheer desperation. This might prove to be a deal breaker in your otherwise successful meeting. A gap of few hours is ideal enough to send the mail.


Subject line of Thank you email

[td_smart_list_end]The subject line of your email is very important. It decides whether the person would put in time and efforts to open your email and read it. Or will he let it go unnoticed like any random mail in his inbox?

For official meetings, it’s better to go for Great meeting you today [salutation with the last name] or “Pleasure meeting you [salutation with the last name]”.

Thank you email are also sent after weekly or monthly team meeting. You may give it a subject line of the specific name of meeting (if any). Else “summary of meeting” or “meeting recap” followed by the date it took place on.

A thank you e-mail may also be sent in cases where the scenario was both informal and formal. This includes situations like when you meet some seniors or professors or other knowledgeable dignitaries. For such instances prefer subject lines like “Thank you (name) for guiding me” or “It was an honor to meet you (name)”.


Content or body of the email

01. Start with a proper salutation. You can start with dear and the name of the person or even just the name may work or start with “dear sir/ma’am”. For team mails use any particular name you generally use to refer to your team. Else you can opt for a generalized “Hi team” salutation.

02. Now comes the body of your email. Have a positive approach filled with gratitude, specifically in the first paragraph. You should thank them for giving their time. Mention how lovely it was to meet them or how grateful you are to have met them in person. If it’s the team email, you can thank them for their time, efforts. Applaud for the role they played in company’ success.

03. Add a personal touch to your email by adding some remarkable or unique comment or topic mentioned in meeting. This helps the person to remember who you are. Also it gives a surety of your attentiveness to their words and concerns put forward during the meeting. In team emails, you can mention the agenda of your meeting.

04. Next comes addressing any issue or doubts that you might have encountered from your addressee’s side. Do this in a best possible way utilizing least possible words. In team meeting’s email, you can write about the shortcomings or new targets to be achieved. For an informal meeting, write about how you are going to utilize their shared wisdom for your growth and development.


Closure of the Thank you email

01. Towards the end, say that you look forward to build a long term relationship with them, that you will keep in touch. Some words of encouragement and motivation in case of team meeting’s email are good. In a nutshell, end it with an aura of optimism and promise of a brighter and better future.

02. Close your email with proper salutations. You should write “Thank you” again above your salutations. “Regards”, “sincerely”, “yours truly”, “best regards” or “best wishes” are few of the most preferred closings. Following this should be your name, designation in one or two words (if any) and your contact information. Keep in mind to keep it as short as possible.

03. These are pretty much all the important points that you must follow to construct an impressive thank you email. Given below is a sample of such an email. It would further help you in understanding all the above mentioned points.

Thank you email

Sample OF Thank you email:

Subject: Great meeting with you Mr. Holmes

Dear Sir,

Thank you for seeing Team Cy-cure on such a short notice. We know your time is priceless. You gave a part of it to us means a lot to me and my company.

You had mentioned during our conversation about having quite a few cases of cyber-security breach. You had aptly renamed as “cyber parasites”. I would be immensely happy to provide your company with the best cyber security there is to be given. We here at Cy-cure thrive to furnish an invulnerable and reliable cyber security system.

If you have any other issues or worries, we are here to answer them all. Cy-cure is excited to work with your firm.

Thank you.

Your Name
000 000 00,

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