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A Thorough Guide on How to Start Blogging

I am going to Learn you  How to Start Blogging.

Do you think blogging is something done overnight?

Not of course. Blogging is about winning millions of hearts through regular postings. You need to be too honest towards your duty of doing blogging.

You must be thorough about the blogging process before you understand how to start a blog. You must have a little bit of foresight. You have to know that your persistence will be giving the best result one day. But you must be regular in your research and writing.

Before you decide to blog and do research on how to start blogging, the benefits are there which stimulates the process.

Benefits of Blogging.

  • It markets a product or service
  • It converts traffic into leads
  • It expands your social-media network
  • It connects like-minded people
  • It is a great marketing and SEO tool.
  • It makes you an expert ultimately in your field of work.
  • It brings you money and freedom
  • It gets you many loyal readers.
  • It guides beginners in your area of expertise.
  • It sharpens your skill.

Know the purpose of your writing a blog

Before you start writing you have to complete your homework for starting your blog.

You must find the cause why you are there to write a blog. Is it for marketing or you are writing as you developed writing as your hobby.  When you are sure why you are writing, no one can stop you from writing regularly.

I think you must find out why you write a blog and learn lessons on how to start blogging.

You can write either for affiliate marketing or for marketing your own products online.  Both can bring you money. For affiliate marketing, you open an account with blogging sites and start doing your work. You do not require a website of your own.

When you start blogging for your product, you can attach your website with the blog. It can be a great SEO technique to achieve higher ranking on the Search Result Page.

If boosting your online presence is the major aim, you can choose a best topic first. You may not be confident at first. You may find it difficult to reach at a topic even. When you are sure what you want to write, you can do blogging. When I started blogging, I was confused about how to start a blog as my aim was to boost my online presence. I had pets at my home and I started writing how I took care of them. That attracted a good number of readers in a long run. Now I do write on Pet-foods and Pet-health.

What topic interests you?

The next thing you must do is to discover about your interest. What topic interests you the most? The topics can be varied. You can write on cooking, house cleaning, computer repairing, Pet rearing, Easy Language Learning techniques and many more. You can begin either instructing or guiding your readers through your blog. Before you analyze how to start blogging, there is a need for identifying the interest.

You just need to be a little curious about your topic. The more you go on writing, with every post you can win many readers.

Are you sure you want to write?

You must be sure about your passion. Are you passionate enough about starting a blog or is it a freak! If you are not sure you can continue writing for years, then you must not do research on how to start blogging. When boredom entails you in writing blogs, you must avoid doing so. It can be a loss of both time and money.

There is another way out. You can develop a hobby of writing through practicing. That you can do by writing in the morning or filling your dairy of blogs at night. By doing so a few days, you can develop a natural interest for writing.

You must blog. It’s Enjoyable

Expressing yourself is much easier with the blogs. You select your topic and write for your own interest. It is too enjoyable when you get something to write about. And it is further enjoyable when like-minded people read this and comment on this. You stay attached with your online presence.

When you enjoy expressing your interest, people enjoy reading your blog. With a bloomed interest and large reader-base, you can move forward for a professional writing by buying domain names. This is too a vital part of your lessons of how to start a blog.

Purchasing Domain Name

When you blog for earning money, you can be a little professional. You purchase domain name, start your website and then start blogging. You will gain affiliate marketing as well as leads for your product or service. If you are fostering your hobby, you can start on free sites such as BlogSpot and There you can start without paying any fees. These sites provide much easier process for understanding how to start blogging.

Where to Purchase a Domain Name

Be a little professional! Know how to start a blog with more decency.

Choose a domain name. Learn How to Choose A Best Domain Name for Your blogging?

You can select companies such as Godaddy and Big Rock to purchase a domain name. You can decide a professional name for your website and then purchase .com or .in or .org for your website. First you have to find a short and easy domain name for your site. Then you must check the availability. When the name is available, you can proceed for purchasing the domain name through a proper registration process. The last step is to make the payment either through your debit or credit card.

I liked to progress towards professionalism in blogging when I got huge number of readers for the pet-health. As I started blogging with free sites, I preferred to buy a domain name containing my pets.

A Great Platform for Publishing

No platform can be as efficient as the blogging sites.

You get a good platform for publishing your own blog. You do not need to know about the technicalities to publish your blog. It has been easier to publish the blog. Your published writings keep you live on the social media.

You reach to like-minded people through your regular publishing. At the publishing stage, you must be there with the know-how of what a blog is all about and how to start blogging.


Hosting Your Blog

Now bring your website live! The website’s online presence is achieved through web-hosting.

You need a server for storing your data published on your site. The server comes to your service when you opt for hosting. After you receive the service of hosting, your inactive domain name becomes a website.

The data published on the website will be there in the server. You have valuable data on your website and you must select a reliable hosting company for your blog. When you complete your research on how to start a blog, you can move forward for hosting your website.

Ask Yourself A Few Things before Hosting Your Blog

  • Are you receiving unlimited space from the webhosting company?
  • Are you getting offers for unlimited websites in your server?
  • Are you receiving 24X7 supports from your web hosting company?
  • Is your website receiving Unlimited Bandwidth? That means your website can handle unlimited traffic.
  • Is it charging lower price?

I recommended Bluehost for wordpress hosting

If the answers to the above questions are affirmative, you are in the right place. The hosting company you have opted for is providing you good service. The general price that a friendly hosting company provides can be as low price as something mentioned below:

Starter 12 Months Price – $4.95/month

Starter 24 Months Price – $3.95/month

Starter 36 Months Price – $2.95/month

This plan can be availed with one website. You have to pay less than $60 towards your blogging per year. You must search for the cheaper plans for hosting a website when you are trying to find how to start blogging. If you are to host to multiple websites with unlimited space, you have to pay something with a plus plan:

Plus 12 Months Price – $8.45/month

Plus 24 Months Price – $6.95/month

Plus 36 Months Price – $5.45/month

The price you invest in comparison to the return you receive through the advertisement or conversion of traffic into leads is too less under these plans. Hosting your site always keeps you under positive pressure so that you can continue your blogging. In the long run, it gives you tremendous online presence.

You all have to do is to start your writing. You can feel the zeal when you receive comments on your live pieces of writing, you can realize that you have taken the right decision to read about how to start a blog.

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