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The wonderful world of blogging.

 The word Blog has been a household term casually used everyday and everywhere. Through time, there is no need to actually define the words blog and blogging because somehow, we already know what they mean without looking it up, but let’s get the formalities rolling so we can go to the fun part.

The term Blog came from the word weblog, which is later abbreviated as blog. Weblog on the other hand, is from the term Web log, basically a “log” of the world wide web!


Blognoun – diary type compilation of pages by one or more writer

Blogger noun – the writer or administrator behind a blog

Bloggingverb – the act of making the blog page or pages

So your blog is just your virtual diary, sometimes scrapbooks compiled in one huge platform. It can have infinite number of pages and only your imagination is the limit. It can be freestyle, informal, how-to, professional or corporate blogs. Like diaries and scrapbooks, it can have pictures, or even videos!


Who is a Blogger?

The blogger is the person managing the blog, he could be the writer or just the administrator. He could be an old guy, a 12 year old, an average mom, or a famous businessman. He could be anyone, anywhere! Kinda scary if placed that way, but seriously, there is no limit to being a blogger.



A blog isn’t just a random set of pages, there is a purpose behind it, but what is it? There are various reasons as to why people want to blog. As vast as the ever expanding universe, no just kidding, but let’s name a few reasons why.


Attention/ Expression

Freedom of expression, freedom of speech! You want to share your point of view, you want to make a change, and so the internet is a good platform to express yourself. Here you can be see the way you want, in your own terms. You can create a blog for your pets, for your political stands, your stand on climate change, basically everything your heart wants to say.


Sharing of passion and knowledge

This is a more specific type of expression because it solely focuses on sharing your knowledge through blog posts. Learned this pretty quirky scrapbooking technique? How about the newly opened resto just around the corner? This is where the “how-to-do” blogs reign, side by side with travel blogs. New places and tricks or life hacks always catch the attention of wandering souls.

Learn How To Start Your Free Blogging


Printed catalogues are getting old fashioned and inefficient. You can see lesser and lesser number of people handing out print outs and brochures for their publicity. Why? Coz clicking is the new thing! With “CTRL + F” as a buyer’s best friend, they can just type what they are looking for so they don’t have to browse the entire website. Blogging for business is not only applicable for catalogues; it can also be used for posting updates, shipping schedules, rules, reviews of a certain item and many more.



Hey guess what, blogging can also be used to get famous! You can build connections or “networks” since anybody has access to your site and they can reach out to you if you keep on showcasing your skills. Sure it can start as a passion blog, but soon if you are really good at your craft, you can attract a wide network of people that can then be ventured for business purposes.



Yes, blogging isn’t the perfect job. Like the concept of balance, the yin and the yang, there is a downside to anything. But it’s not as bad as you expect so don’t worry.


Time consuming

We all have burrito days where you just wanna roll on your bed then not move a muscle. You just don’t wanna do anything! Yeah we understand that, but hey, you have to update your blog regularly. If you wanna feature this new place you just checked out last night, and you feel meh about it, remember that you are committed to your blog. If you really wanna get there among the famous bloggers, you have to have regular updates on your blog. People will know your presence and soon acknowledge your efforts, trust me.


Lack of originality

This is a pretty painful idea to tackle coz it is personal. How could you lack originality right? But admit it or not, almost every idea imaginable has information online already, usually from other blogs. What differs is the approach. You have your own way of tackling things; you have your own preferences. It’s just how you assemble your blog from all the blog posts you made.



If the internet is as huge and vast as the sea, then each individual is a fish. If so, what is a blog? A blog is the coral, and like the coral, it is accumulated over time. Nurture the fishes, provide them home to stay, be alive and colorful! Find your purpose, start your own blog, and just keep blogging!

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