Google algorithm

What is google algorithm and How does Google search algorithms work?

You are always interested how Google search always finds best answers to you questions. How their engine works that much easily. But all the articles in the net are too complicated to understand. So let’s nail it. Let’s understand how does it actually work with a super easy explanation.

Once you wrote your question you are looking for the most useful and informative links, you are not interested in searching trough billion pages, so how does google bring the most important ones first.  Netcraft ( internet research company) tells us that now a day internet hosts over 150,000,000 active websites.  So as you can understand the searching algorithm is a very important task in finding the useful ones.

Searching by key words.

Every search algorithm is a hard mathematical process that shows computers how to proceed the tasks.

The first model we are going to describe is keywords search. Google’s algorithm makes it by searching the key words that you wrote in the search box, and ranks the pages the number of times the keywords appear on the page. Pages with higher rank appear upper in the Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

Webpages’ administrators would face a lot of problems once  pages are going to be listed prominently on Google, that will cause a big boost in site traffic and visibility. So sorting pages is a very important thing to give each page a number of views and visitors.

Google’s keyword search works similar with other search engines. Specially automated programs are sending spiders and crawlers to search the Web, they are moving from link to link and building up an index page which includes specific keywords. Google brings that index up when a user enters a search query. And the search engine brings up the pages with keywords listed in users search query.

But that’s not the only thing Google’s spiders do, they can also do some more advanced functions, for example they are able to find the difference between Web pages and actual content and they can redirect the sites (pages which exist only to redirect users traffic to different Web pages.)

The place of keywords is also important when Google finds sites. Google’s search engine is looking for keywords throughout all Web pages, but some parts have more importance than others. Inputting the keyword in the name of Webpage is a great idea. As an example, Google’s algorithm is looking for the keywords in headings. Headings usually are shown in a bigger range of sizes, so the keywords in larger headings are more important than the  smaller ones. The dispersal of keywords is also important. Webmasters has to avoid overusing of keywords, but still many people recommend their using regularly throughout  the page.

The PageRank system of Google

Google has a special algorithm called PageRank, which gives each Webpage a  relevancy score.

Webpages’ rank depends on following criterias:

  • The location and frequency of keywords in the Web page: when the key word shows only once in the whole page’s text, that page will have a low score because of that keyword.
  • Term of Web page’s existing: users are creating new Web pages daily, and not all of them exist for long time. So Google’ system puts pages with long history on more valuable place.
  • The number of other Web pages that link to the page in your searching question: Google checks the number of Web pages that link to a particular site to understand  its relevance.

The  third criteria is the most important for the PageRank system. For example,  once you are looking for ”Wikipedia”.

So as the bigger number of  Web pages is  linking to Wikipedia page, the rank of Wikipedia page is increasing. So when the rank of Wikipedia page is higher than other pages, it will show up on the top of the Google search result page.

You can’t easily cheat their system, because Google is linking to a Webpage as a vote. To make your Web page higher on Google’s search result, you have to provide good and strong content, so people who once seen your page would like to come back again. The biggest number of links your page gets, the higher PageRank score it will get. So you have to attract visitors attention to make your score grow faster.

As you can see Google’s search algorithm is easy to understand. Special programmed spiders are looking for your search keywords finding them on different webpages and then they are sorting the pages by rank. It’s still amazing how fast they do their job. It’s an amazing work that helps each of us every day. Enjoy answering your questions with Google!

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