hygiene in gym

How to maintain your hygiene in gym.

Is maintaining proper hygiene in gym such a laborious job as we suppose it to be?

Really a matter to be worried about?

I love working out but I get breakouts from sweating I get rashes whenever I’m on my gym-wear for longer time or my gym bag smells horrible these are few of those thousands of despondent comments that every fitness trainer has to hear every day.

But yes!!!
these are indeed questions worth discussing and the hands down one answer to all these questions is- germs in gym.

Yes, all your hard work and endeavors are going to be knocked down by these infinitesimal creatures if some really simple and scientific points are not followed in maintaining your hygiene in the gym.

First and foremost, even before numbering down the to-do list, the most preliminary thing that must be taken care of in order to maintain hygiene in gym is to strictly restrain yourself from drinking water from anyone else absolutely no matter how thirsty you’re. You never know whether 5 minutes earlier, the water bottle was kept at the filthiest corner of the gym or not!

Now, here is the list of tips and tricks for what you’ve been waiting since eternity!

clean yourself as soon as possible

yeah, this might probably be one of the most obvious things that have already come to your mind but you know, it’s easier said than done! No gossiping; go giggling.

Get a shower with preferably any medicated sanitizer as soon as you reach home . It’s better if inside the gym itself, you can manage to wash your hands, feet and other body parts that come directly in contact with the gym equipment. This helps overall in maintaining the balanced hygiene in gym.

Disinfect: to keep the germ attack at bay, show some astuteness by disinfecting all the equipment and mats you’re going to use. Spray some disinfectant on the fitness gym provided workout machines and encourage your pals to build up this habit as well.

After all, it’s your collective responsibility to maintain the hygiene in gym. Nonetheless, always try to carry as many as equipment like Yoga mats and towels as you can from home.

Wash regularly

Be cautious, you’re keeping a shirt unwashed after a sweaty workout means you’re generously giving space to zillions of germs to have a delightful feast on the occasion of their rapid reproduction.

The key to a healthy workout is to regularly wash your gym wear and undergarments and if it’s too hard to materialise, maintain a couple of sets of your gym wear. Also, shoes carry the lion’s share of the germs. Therefore, don’t forget to soak the pair of your gym footwear or sneakers in some disinfectant solution before cleaning with regular soap.

Water bottle

Though ranted previously, this point’s worth reiterating. Keep a strict eye on the quality of the gym bottle you’re using. Low quality plastics attracts dirt and germ and are really hard to disinfect. Glass bottles come first and if you’re using a plastic one, make sure it’s made of virgin plastic. While choosing your gym towel, try to stick to microfiber towels. after all, the healthy workout is a cumulative process!

Taking rest is important

yes, that really is. Working out a day with dizzy head and drowsy body may lead you to a week-long bed-rest. Not only you but also your other gym-mates can also catch the infection from you. So, if you’re down with any viral or bacterial attack, take a good rest or go for home gym until you’re back to your flamboyance. Any viral attack aggressively increases with intense calorie burning.

Enter shower with flip-flops

not only the hygiene in gym but also it’s equally important to take care so that the germ don’t spread in your house. when you’re on a wet surface, the pores of your skin are relatively bigger. Therefore, when you’re standing in the shower barefoot, the bacteria find an easy access to your skin. Hence, always put on a flip-flop while taking a post healthy workout shower.

Make sure to dry

As mentioned previously, always try to carry with you the comparatively smaller fitness equipment with you. But, in case if you can’t, then make sure all the props, especially the Yoga Mats are dried and sterilised after every use.

So many things to keep up healthy workout while simply working out at a gym fitness centers? stomach-churning, isn’t it? All these commencements are just because we want to see you the healthiest at its smartest way!

Good luck buddy!

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