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10 Ways to Write a Blog to Get More Subscribers on Your Website

In the world we are living today the only way to measure your online success, especially while speaking or writing your thoughts down, is by counting the number of people viewing it. Having subscribers is like giving life to your blog and you would know that once you start getting raw traffic and page views.


If you are new to this community of writing online articles and wish to see more and more people reading your blogs, here are 10 simple strategies you can implement while you write a blog and start getting more and more blog subscribers right away.

10. Write a Blog  Simple and Readable

The first and the foremost rule to gain more subscriber is to keep the content short, crisp and to the point. Make sure you add more value to it by adding quality.


09. Add Pointers

Isn’t it easy to understand table and charts instead of those heavy descriptions? So why not make your blog readable and easy to understand by adding some pointers and subcategories to it. As a reader, you can easily make out the gist if you are not in the mood to go through the entire blog.


08. Use Viral eBooks

All you have to do in this is to let people sell your PDF eBook. You can also opt to bundle it up for sale with other products. This is an effective way to promote your blog and in return gaining more subscribers.

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07. Subscription Landing Page

This is a simple yet an intelligent way to promote mere subscriptions. All you have to do is to create a completely different page, which is completely dedicated to obtaining subscriptions. You can drive traffic directly to this page using paid tools or even add it to a unique URL and then incorporate the ethical bribe strategy for getting more traffic.


08. Become an Active Guest Blogger

Guest Blogging is like charity work just to gain more subscribers back to your website. Make sure you write a keyword rich content and add an author’s description in the end. Keep the content original, not something you have already used on your website or a spin. Lastly, you can add a link which directs the reader to your website.


07. Participate In Forums

Proactive participation has always been helpful. Connect with people through forums, you can talk and give answers on Quora as well. This has been one of the earliest ways to gain subscribers since the very beginning of the Internet. You have to focus towards being more active and offering help with answers in various forums. Talk about what else you have to offer while adding a link to your website.


06. Shout-outs or Cross-promotion

This is more useful for those new writers. You can gain some traffic by doing some cross-promotions. Find a way you can offer some help to an established website or a blogger and you never know you might even get featured on an established website. This could not be any less than finding a goldmine.

Keep good liaisons for driving fruitful results.


07. Post Regularly

Don’t we just love fresh content! Why not make it a habit that you keep specific day to post content on your website. Most of the people won’t read something they have already read. Every time they pay a visit they would expect some freshness in the blog section and in the content.


So get imaginative, get going and keep it regular!


(Pro-Tip: People generally browse through they don’t intently read unless it really captures their attention, so add some images, videos or info-graphics to give a little depth to your content.)


02. Be Active on Social Media

Why not just link all those social media platforms and promote your content everywhere. Increase your followers on social media, by keeping them updated on your activities. You can even give a little personal touch by updating some personal pictures.


01. Effective Keyword Placement

Keeping keyword rich content is essential. This will help you to keep it at the top of the searches. So make sure that you incorporate at least 2-4 keywords, when you write a blog for promotions.


Empires don’t build overnight. So keep a regular pace and keep working towards the goal you have kept to yourself. Traffic won’t build overnight! But keep in targets for every month. You can make use of Google Analytics to drive monthly, quarterly and even yearly reports.


Lastly be patient, you’ll definitely get there!

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