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The domain name or shortly the domain is easy to remember web address of the resource (website), which is designed to replace complex IP-address consisting of the numbers. Its very important to choose A Best Domain Name for your site.

Here is Example
and URL:

Choose A Best Domain Name For your Business and Blogging 

To choose the right domain for your site is difficult and creative task and therefore interesting. When selecting a domain, it is important, first of all, to define the purpose of the site for which the domain will be registered.

If you create a personal page then as a title one can successfully use so-called registered domains which coincide with the name and / or surname of the owner of the site.

01. Domain name for personal website

When selecting a domain, it is important to define the purpose of the site for which the domain will be registered. If you create a personal page then as a title you can use a domain name which coincides with the name and  blogging or surname of the owner of the site.

02. Domain name for corporate website

When choosing a domain name for the corporate website of a company, it is better to use company name as a domain name or at least give a hint on the peculiarities of its activity. Ideally, the domain name should include both the company name and a hint on the peculiarities of its activity.

If you are working with a company that already has promoted brand, the best domain for the website of that company will be the domain that matches with the brand name. The well-known brand is self-explanatory.


03. Use of keywords

It is effective to use the keywords in corporate domain names. These keywords should be specific to the business of a company. For example, if your company is specialized in office design, it is logical to choose the name like


04. Domain name should be short and easy to remember

What else will help you to choose the Best domain name for your site?

Domain name should be as short as possible and easy to remember.Firstly, a short domain name is easier to place in the logo, secondly, it is easier to remember and it is more difficult to make a mistake, in third, it looks more solid and more suitable for the development of the brand.

To make their domain name shorter, many organisations use their abbreviated names as the domain names. For example, the website of the Queen Mary University of London is located in the Internet on


05. Domain name should be harmonious

Domain name should be harmonious and should not cause negative emotions.Often, unexpected combinations sound really good and are well remembered. This will bring extra points to your website and people will mention the name they liked here and there.


06. Domain name should be original.

There is one more trick how to choose the right domain for your site. A good domain name is difficult to mix with any other. You are not always lucky to find exactly what you want because many domain names are already occupied, thus you have to use all sorts of tricks such as hyphens, numbers and so on. But this is not something good and can finally create a lot of confusion and problems. Lest us take how to choose the Best domain name for your site using letters, number and hyphen.


07. Use of letters and numbers

A domain name may consist of letters as well as numbers. Concerning the letters everything is clear but it is highly recommend to exclude numbers if they do not carry any special meaning.

For example, it would look strange if instead of we have because in this case 15 does not carry any meaning and is just useless. But if we take a look at we will understand the difference, in this case number ‘1’ has a meaning.


08. Use of hyphen

Hyphen is not very desirable too but  if your domain name consists of two words then it is even encouraged.


09. Quantity of Best Domains Name

If you are not sure how to choose the Best domain name for your site or which one to choose, you can also register two domains. One domain name will match your business activity, company, the other, for example – your name, personal brand.


10. Domain zone

Domain zone is also very important when choosing the right domain for your site. Correct choice of the domain zone helps to correctly orient the client. Initially there were three international domain zones:

  • .com domain was intended for commercial organisations
  • .org domain was created for non-profit organisations
  • .net domain was used for all those involved in the development of network and telecommunication technologies.

However, over the time, the registration of domains in these zones became completely free and any interested person can register the domain in these zones. Placing your website in the domain zones of com, net, org and other domains of general use, you address your information primarily to users of English-speaking countries since international domain zones are the most popular in these countries.

National domain zone will not only indicate that the domain owner comes from one or another country but also will mark the territory of the country on the users of which you want to influence.


11. Period of domain registration

Usually the minimum period of domain registration is one year. To register a domain name for the first time for longer period does not make sense. You never know what may change during the year, you may find out more interesting or appropriate idea and decide to register completely different address.

But in case your website will already be enough promoted and will have a lot of visitors, it is better to stay on the safe side and to pay for a longer registration period or enable automatic alert or something like that.

It is almost impossible to apply all these tips when choosing a domain name, so do not worry, just try to follow as many described points as possible. All these advices will help you to choose the Best domain name for your site.



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