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Love First.. This is what women put on their list of priorities in the past but not today. Recent psychology studies suggest that the women fitness comes first.

Women fitness, diet, and weight loss become a concern for women. Having the perfect body and charming view is one of the most important dreams of young women. Women especially love to take care of themselves and to see themselves as beautiful as others see. Some women face a problem, as the biggest problem women face is the problem of gaining an ideal weight, a beautiful body, and an attractive body. Women fitness helps them to achieve these goals.


Women fitness is an easy dream to investigate

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 Women fitness is not the impossible to hit. You can achieve the dream of having a fit and harmonious body, but on one condition which is insistence. You will challenge yourselves that you will someday achieve your dream of fitness.

Then the day will come when you admire yourself because you achieved what was impossible for you. Just remember that maintaining health and fitness requires a healthy and integrated lifestyle. To make the right diet for you dear these precious tips.


10 Tips for Permanent Women Fitness


01. At first, you should eat balanced and varied meals. Balanced food is rich in carbohydrates such as rice and pasta, with lots of fruits and vegetables, and some protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, lentils, milk and dairy products.


02. Eat breakfast daily. Do not think that neglecting breakfast reduces your weight. Conversely, breakfast helps your body burn calories and maintains weight as a condition to be healthy.

Fruit juices prepared home and vegetables are a good choice for breakfast. It contains a lot of vitamins and fiber that can strengthen the digestive system.

Also, boiled egg provides the body with protein and builds its muscles in a healthy way away from fat accumulation.


03. Drink a lot of water at least eight glasses a day. It helps your body to restore the moisture and reduce appetite because you often combine the feeling of hunger and the sense of thirst and resort to eating. It is advisable to drink water between meals.


04. Eat low-fat dairy products, low-fat meats, fish, chicken, and even minced meat. Try to drink low-fat milk instead of full-fat so you can avoid a lot of calories.

Instead of using mayonnaise, use the mustard while eating lunch. This will save you 100 calories per tablespoon. Also, if you avoid eating cheese of all kinds, you will protect your body from another 100 calories.


05. When dining out, watch quantity and quality. And avoid foods coated with cakes and fried. Sauces, aside from salad or meat, are often fat and contain many calories, which you eat without knowing what they contain.

If you are used to eating junk food, you can protect your body from about 600 calories by eating a meal of hamburgers and french fries, a small size instead of a large meal with French fries.


06. Avoid drinks rich in thermal units such as soft drinks, coffee, cream and local juice. They are all rich in thermal units and we intake it a lot without realizing it. On the same side you can lose weight with another simple trick: drinking your cup of tea or coffee without sugar, you can use a limited period of sugar diet and gradually reduce it.

Instead of drinking soft drinks and soda, you can drink iced tea and unsweetened natural juices. This idea will save you about 150: 200 calories without depriving. You can save more calories by eating a full orange instead of drinking it as juice. This saves about 45 calories and gives your body more fiber.


07. Grilled food is a great choice for dinner as it is low in calories. It also has delicious taste and odor. Grilled meat builds the body tissues as it is a source of protein. It also contains a large percentage of vitamins and zinc.

Grilled fish is essential for the elimination of excess weight and obesity, so it is included in many diet programs. It contains a large percentage of amino acids and proteins, so it is a basic meal for those who follow a weight-loss diet.

Remember that the secret of fitness is the diet rich in fiber which is found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and oats.


08. Eat less in more meals at a rate of 5 or 6 meals a day, because eating several servings a day helps stimulate the body’s energy-burning process. This system helps stabilize your blood sugar and makes you feel full and full and protects you from eating fatty meals. Also, try to eat in small dishes and small spoons with the eye saturation first.


09. When you have food, try to eat very slowly and chew food well before swallowing. This method will help you eat less food and make you feel full. Eat only on the table, do not take food with you to the living room and do not eat in front of the TV. Also, stop eating at least three hours before you go to sleep.


10. Do not be harsh on yourself in the diet you follow because the harsh diet often ends in failure. Do not deprive yourself of anything you like but make several choices for you to have foods that compensate you.


Twenty minutes and you will achieve fitness

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 Women find excuses for not exercising. It is because of the lack of time or inability to go to a gym and lack of sports equipment at home. All these excuses were dispelled today after the spread of sports programs.

The home exercises are only needed for daily minutes of your time while its effect is excellent and satisfactory. A twenty minutes home sports program will help to tighten the muscles, burn fat, improve your blood circulation and reach fitness.

You can find these videos on the internet. You will find various exercises.




Important tips on proper nutrition before and after exercise

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In general, during physical activity, women feel tired and all they want is to just finish training. In order to avoid this situation of fatigue during training and to obtain effective and energy-intensive training, it is very desirable to think about what is called proper nutrition before training. Whether the goal is weight loss, muscle development or as part of an active and healthy lifestyle, proper pre-training nutrition determines the quality and outcome of the training.


Proper nutrition for morning exercise:

In the morning, specifically, one hour after waking up, the body needs to mobilize energy, after fasting throughout the night. To avoid hunger, low sugar and dizziness, it is preferable to eat a snack that includes few proteins, mainly carbohydrates that turn into sugars and are used as fuel available to muscles.

It is also advisable to avoid eating foods rich in fat, and excess protein that only makes the stomach heavier and make it harder for you to train easily.


Proper nutrition for evening exercises:

When training in the evening hours, if you have a late lunch, it is advisable to have at least two to three hours before training. It is advisable not to access training immediately after a heavy meal.

A traditional dinner that includes salad – protein, fat, and fiber – is considered heavy and can lead to a sense of heaviness and nausea. It is important to remember that when the stomach is busy digesting food, the lower amount of blood and oxygen will be available for muscle training and will be less effective. So, in this case, the preferred choice is fresh or dried fruit.


Fitness is the mirror image of health

The goal of women fitness is not only to reduce the size of the dress you wear but to improve your life. Fitness is the key to your beauty and vitality also it improves your self-confidence and offers you a better life.

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