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Bengali (Bangla) Language – Now a part of AdSense supported languages!

As of September 26, 2017, Google has announced that Bengali (Bangla) language, commonly spoken in Bangladesh and India among many other countries, is now supported in the AdSense community. This will aid in boosting the increasing interest in the said language as well as assist locals by providing them with specific and suitable advertisements.


What is AdSense?

AdSense is a revenue generating Google initiated program that utilizes targeted advertisements to specific groups and audiences. It is a part of the AdChoices program also owned by Google which focuses mainly on internet-based advertisements.

What does AdSense Do?

AdSense places ads in non-intrusive areas and is related to the content of the website. It caters to small sites that lacks manpower and resources to outsource advertisers.


What is Bengali Language and why is it important to be part of AdSense supported languages?

Bengali language is Bangladesh’s National language, as well as the official language of some Indian States and is considered as the secondary language of Pakistan. It is now a part of the 42 languages that AdSense supports, meaning, relevant advertisements will be served at a specific website using the language selected, even if multiple languages are supported. It extends to localization of preferences and more specific targeting of audiences.


Set up your blog with AdSense!

So, how can this news be used to start monetizing Bengali websites? There are simple rules to follow according to Google’s blog post:


  1. Check the AdSense program policies and make sure your website is compliant.
  2. Sign up for an AdSense account
  3. Add the AdSense code to start displaying relevant ads to your users.


How does it happen?

Now you’re all set up to start earning using your local language while catering to your fellow Bengali (Bangla) speaking followers! But how does it really work on their end? So after the insertion of the JavaScript for AdSense, whenever a person who visits your blog clicks the advertisement placed on your blog, you will earn money. It targets the audience specifically based on their search history, usage of cookies and demography among others, so this increases the probability that the advertisement will be clicked, hence more income for you.


What Blogs can I use?

There are some sites that are more preferred for AdSense such as Blog sites, News Sites, Forums and Discussion Boards, Niche Social Networks and Free Online Tools type of Site. If linked, it can even monetize videos linked to YouTube channel.


What else can I do?

AdSense is very strict regarding their policies such as clicking your own advertisement so it is really helpful to read and understand their policies and guidelines first. Besides the clicking system, there are more options to monetize your blog. One method is by Custom Search, which is based on the more relevant ads based on searches by the users. Another method is depending upon the relevance of the ad to the content of the website by adding Custom Search Engines and Custom Search Ads next to the search results.


How can I be successful?

If you have a great blog or site which is interesting, is very useful and is popular, there is a high probability of success in monetizing your blog. According to Google’s Keys to Success for AdSense, there are three things you can do:


  1. Have an interesting topic. This will catch the attention of people to make them visit your blog.
  2. Create good quality content to keep the attention of the person. This will make the person search for more, make him/her more curious, which in turn increases the chance that your targeted ad can be clicked.
  3. Promote your blog or site. This will result to customer engagement, increased social media shares and can help you increase the rank in search engines in the right way.

Start up with a great idea and just follow the mentioned guides and you’re good to go! Have fun in creating your blog or site, make meaningful content and keep on promoting. Google has sufficient amount of guides regarding AdSense to keep you in the right track as long as you are  mindful of their terms and conditions. So start monetizing on your blog while doing what you love!

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