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Popular in all countries of the world Facebook network can serve you not only to learn news and communicate with friends but also can be monetized. It means if you have an account on Facebook, you can earn good money. Facebook offers unlimited possibilities for its users. If you read this article you will know How To Earn Money From Facebook. 

There are few ways how to earn money from Facebook:

  1. with the help of advertisement posted on your page or group;
  2. with the help of file sharing services;
  3. to sell products or services;
  4. with the help of game applications;
  5. with the help of advertisement on your game applications;
  6. to get official workplace onFacebook.

First of all we should conduct some preparatory work in order to start to earn money from Facebook. So, let us look in details what should be done:

What you should do to start earning money from Facebook

It’s pretty simple. Create your page. You can even create few pages on Facebook but we do not advice to create more than four pages. Because this is the quantity you can physically manage on daily basis.

You will easily keep up to fill the content of the page, to make at least ten publications a day, to communicate with subscribers and advertisers. You can always automate your income later. As soon as you stabilized your current four pages, you can hire someone who will maintain and promote them. In that way you will receive passive income doing almost nothing.


How to get started

Choose the field of content which you want to develop. There are two options:

  1. to develop subjects of personal interests and preferences;
  2. to develop subjects which bring profit.

It is highly recommended to create one page that will focus on theme of money and another one for your own pleasure and interests. Because users can usually feel when the page is soulless coping of content in comparison with page where author is really knowledgable person, who loves the subject discussed. But you can also to find something in the middle, the topic that is valued by advertisers and interesting to you.


How to find content

When the subject of your page is chosen you should fill it up with content. In order to fill it up with good content you should scan a lot of pages on similar topic in different social networks as well as on Facebook itself.

You can also follow corresponding blogs and forums. And of course you should search for related websites in Google, it will give you an idea what is popular nowadays and in what people are interested the most. If you are not confident in your own capabilities you may hire professional write or blogger to get some help.


These are the main preparatory stages. If you will take care your Facebook page well by posting interesting content everyday, communicating with users and so on, you will get more an more subscribers day by day and it is the when you can start to earn money from Facebook.



To earn money from Facebook with the help of advertisement posted on your page or group

After some time, when the number of subscribers on your page jump to 10 000, you will start to receive messages from advertisers who are eager to place their advertisement on your page.You will not even have to run an advertisement that you offer an advertisement on your page. Everything will be done automatically. Just make a note on the page and that’s all.


To earn money from Facebook selling products or services

When you have thousands of subscribers it means a lot of people follow your posts. So, you may try to post your products or services in order to advertise and sell them like that. The more subscribers you have them more customers you can find.


To earn money from Facebook with the help of file sharing services

File sharing services became very popular nowadays. A lot of people use Facebook to watch their favorite films and series, new video clips or just some funny videos. So you can create a page and fill it up with some thematic videos. By the way, it should not be obligatory the page with video files, it can be any type of files, for example text files like books.


To earn money from Facebook with the help of game applications

One more way how to earn money from Facebook is to create game application. This method does not have any connection with content creating described before thus it is more complicated. It is most likely you will need to hire a professional who will create a game application for you. The most complicated part is to find interesting idea because the game should be, first of all, captivating. Only really interesting and captivating game can become popular.

But you will ask how can I earn money from Facebook with game application? Very simple! You will sell lives, different bonuses or payable items for that game.



To earn money from Facebook with the help of advertisement on your game application

This method is directly connected with the previous one. Again you will need to create game application and as soon as it will become popular you can place an advertisement in it.


To get official workplace on Facebook

It is the hardest way to earn money from Facebook. Almost everyone dreams to work for such big corporation as Facebook. It is not easy but still possible. Each year Facebook opens dozens of available positions. You should try and who knows, maybe you will become next CEO of Facebook.


Now you got few hints how to earn money from Facebook and you can start as soon as possible because a lot of people already use their chance.

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