Black Friday 2016.

Year in year out, the excitement generated by the Black Friday 2016 celebration is on the increase, the Black Friday has become very phenomenal as it has gained wide recognition worldwide. So let’s talk about what this Black Friday is,  how and why it became so popular and what to expect for this year, 2016.

Black Friday in brief.

We have learnt that Black Friday as a thing was first coined in the year 1960 and it was to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season. The reason behind the use of BLACK is said to be that during that shopping season, retailers recorded massive profits turning their red ink to black because red ink represented loss while profit was recorded in black in the sales recording style of “then days”. Since that time, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been observed to be a start of exciting holiday shopping season.

Black Friday has translated to be one of the busiest shopping periods in the entire calendar year from the past years leading up until 2016. This exciting day falls normally between the 23rd of November to 29th November each year. Last year’s was 27th of November and 2016’s Black Friday gratefully falls on the 25th of November.

Black Friday is not a recognized federal or public holiday in most countries, but some states observe state holiday so that workers can take advantage of the day and shop to their fill. It is not also surprising that, even in states that do not give state holiday for Black Friday, workers schedule a one day leave for the period to enable them take all the time they need for the Black Friday shopping.

Black Friday, 2016; what to expect

So, like we know, Black Friday is the Friday after thanksgiving, pretty close to Christmas holidays right? That is probably a good explanation for why millions of people all over the world consider Black Friday as the opportunity for Christmas shopping, visiting family and friends, family outing and lot more fun.

By now we know that BLACK FRIDAY is not dead in 2016 as our TV programs are flooded with commercials from malls and stores showcasing the goodies that await buyers and the amazing discounts on Black Friday, the 25th of November, 2016.

Its just days a away now, in few days, it will be upon us and its just amazing how it evolves to something extraordinarily superb each year, we don’t expect 2016 to be different as the talks around town and the preparations heightens! So on the said day, you can expect traffic jams in busy shopping areas, lots and lots of online orders and deliveries, fun picnics, visits to family and friends and in addition, we just out to watch out for the peculiarities that may emerge with Black Friday 2016!

What to shop

People shop Christmas presents, apparels, and home appliances mostly electronics on Black Friday Sales with amazing and competitive discounts from malls, stores and even very massive sales on online malls . Need we say it again? The world has gone digital and most sales now take place on the internet with people in the comfort of their homes, yet bagging the big deal.

The holidays are upon us and it’s the season of present so we understand why it is absolutely wise for people to take advantage of the Black Friday Shopping to get good quality gifts for friends, acquaintances and family at very reasonable prices, I mean, why wait till prices skyrocket to a backbreaking level? So we expect massive calculated spending; I said calculated because of the economic situation everywhere but trust me, that will not stop the bustling of the Black Friday Shopping.

Sometimes also, getting stuffs for our kids may be a little bit challenging especially with our very tight budgets; Black Friday is the break you should plunge into to buy toys and handsome kids clothing to ensure that your kids have an exciting and memorable holiday just by taking advantage of the door buster deals.

You may also have been planning on getting a lot of things for that special one, but for money constrains, you may have been boxed to humility. Well, it’s the perfect time to buy varieties like apparels, jewelries, all the stuffs that they like at cool promo prices. You can even keep these gifts for a while before finally presenting them to make the presents feel more expensive, hmm… did I give you a tip or what? So, have a fun filled Black Friday!

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