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5 Frequently seen Oral Diseases | oral health

Health is wealth, this is one saying we all swear by. To main a perfect body well-being, we all do lots of exercises, yoga, dieting and what not? But normally how much do we take care of our oral health? Well none of the regular activities would help you much here. For a good mouth, you need to take care of it. To doths you would have to follow the certain routine.

Before you start following every rule off the book, you first need to know about the common diseases of mouth. To help you understand the basics of these diseases, we have written this article. Here you will find the frequently seen oral diseases. Their knowledge would assist you in treating them better. In turn, this would give you a better oral health.

Oral Health

01. Dental Caries

  • One of the commonest oral health disease faced by people is dental caries. It is nothing but gradual destruction of tooth matter. It occurs by the action of 4 things. They are micro-organisms, food deposits, vulnerability of tooth surface and time.
  • This dental caries result in tooth cavities. Now we all have heard of cavities right? Aren’t these what parents are most scared of regarding their kids? So yeah, all that is mostly the doing of caries.
  • Now coming to the question, how do these happen? When you eat something, a part of it gets deposited on the hard surfaces of teeth in your mouth. On these films of debris attack the microbes. These microbes produce toxic acids due to their reaction with food substances.
  • The longer all these are in contact, severe the lesion becomes. People often complain of pain with dental caries.


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02. Bleeding gums

  • This might be the second most prevalent oral health disease or may be the first even in some areas. You may come across the effects of it most commonly while you are brushing your teeth. Gums may bleed from one particular point or couple of teeth or may be from a wider area.
  • The bleeding gums can become a socially awkward problem. Imagine you are meeting someone and having dinner or lunch. While eating, if anything marginally hard contact your gums, there are quite high chances of them bleeding. In advanced stages, bleeding occurs even without some major stimulation.
  • The reason behind this happening is improper oral hygiene. Especially when you don’t brush properly or clean your teeth. The food deposits on teeth irritate gums and cause them to inflame. As a result, the gums bleed on slight touch.
    bleeding gums

03. Gnawing itching in gums

  • Have you ever felt the urge to scratch on your gums the way you scratch skin-itch? Some of you might have even curbed it with the help of some sharp object. The pointed items might have been toothpick, pen nibs, needles, or few would get more creative with their choices.
  • This happens due to pocket formation. Now what are pockets? Think of them as inflamed microscopic V-shaped spaces between the gums and teeth. Naturally these spaces are very shallow and filled with healthy tissues. But when the gums are irritated, the spaces deepen and gets filled with inflamed tissues. This is what causes the itching sensation.
  • The irritation mostly occurs because of dirty tooth surface and unhygienic oral cavity.

dental health

04. Halitosis or foul breath

  • You all must have experienced it one or the other way. Either you were the bearer or the receptor. Anyway, no one likes being affected with it. The intensity of the odor may vary depending on your condition and oral health.
  • Halitosis is not only because of unclean tongue. Sometimes the smell also arises due to pocket formation. What are pockets and how are they formed is already mentioned above. Other than these, there are quite a few medical conditions that may alter the state of breath. These include diabetes, menstruation, menopause, etc.
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05. Temporomandibular Joint related diseases

  • There are a whole different array of problems associated with the joint of our mouth. It is located in front of our ear. Now this joint is the only reason why we can open and move our mouth the way we do. There is a whole anatomic description to how it works. But let us not go into it.
  • People have often experienced some clicking sound while opening or closing their mouth. Some degree of clicking might be normal. But when it is accompanied with pain or is aggressive, you need to see a doctor. Some even experience some fixture in the joint. This makes the movements restricted. Even this needs medical attention.
  • Pain might also arise because of the joint. It may even radiate to your ears, head or neck. So even in such cases see your doctor. He might need a few x-rays to decide the course of treatment.

There are a lot more oral health diseases in the world. But you don’t need to worry about them. Their occurrence is not that common. The oral health diseases that we have listed here are few of the most common conditions that people mostly complain of. Now that you have a fair idea of what disease you are suffering from, start taking proper actions for it. Schedule an appointment with your dentist and embark on the journey to a better oral health.

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