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Top 10 Online Typing Jobs Ideal for Beginners.

Are you interested in discovering how to find online typing jobs?

Numerous online typing opportunities may align with your preferences, and this article aims to guide you on where to explore such opportunities.

This article explores popular online typing jobs suitable for remote work from home. It provides recommendations for 10 online positions catering to individuals seeking full-time, part-time, or freelance opportunities.

Do You Know, How to find online typing jobs?

What are Online typing jobs from home?

An online typing job refers to a position that requires only an internet connection for work. This could involve working independently as a small business owner or freelancer, or as an employee for a company.

Online typing jobs can be discovered through various avenues, including job boards, recruitment agencies, networking, and more. Some notable job websites where you can explore such opportunities include Upwork, FlexJobs, Indeed, Monster, and others.

What is the earning potential of an online typing jobs?

The earning potential of an online typing job can vary significantly. This is due to the wide range of job opportunities available in the online typing industry. Whether you choose to start your own blog, work as a proofreader, become a live chat agent. Or pursue a career as a transcriptionist, each job offers a different level of compensation. Below, you can find examples of starting pay rates for some of these online typing jobs.

What advantages and disadvantages come with engaging in an online typing job?

Pros of Online Typing Jobs:

Flexibility: Online typing jobs often offer flexible work schedules, allowing you to choose when and where you work.
Remote Work: You can work from the comfort of your home or any location with an internet connection. Saving commuting time and expenses.
Variety of Opportunities: Various online platforms and companies provide a range of typing jobs. Offering opportunities for freelancers, part-time workers, and full-time employees.
Skill Enhancement: Online typing jobs can help improve your typing speed and accuracy, enhancing your overall proficiency.
Diverse Industries: Typing is a skill required in various industries, allowing you to explore opportunities in fields such as transcription, data entry, content creation, and more.

Cons of Online Typing Jobs:

Isolation: Working from home may lead to feelings of isolation and limited social interaction. As compared to a traditional office environment.
Uncertain Income: Freelancers may experience fluctuations in income, as work volume can vary. There may be periods of limited or no assignments.
Dependence on Technology: Online typing jobs heavily rely on technology, and technical issues. Such as internet outages or computer malfunctions can disrupt your workflow.
Competitive Environment: The online job market can be highly competitive, and securing consistent. Well-paying typing jobs may require effort and persistence.

10 Top Online Typing Jobs

Explore these 10 typing-intensive work-from-home opportunities. For the latest salary details, refer to Indeed.

01. Transcriptionist

If you have arrived here in search of home-based typing opportunities due to your exceptional typing speed and accuracy. It would be wise to consider exploring transcription work.

Why, you may ask?
Well, the majority of online transcription jobs compensate based on the number of hours spent transcribing audio rather than the number of hours worked.

A transcriptionist’s task involves listening to audio files or video recordings and diligently transcribing every spoken word into a written document. It truly is as straightforward as that!

On average, it takes approximately 4-8 hours to transcribe one hour of audio. This means that individuals who possess fast typing skills can effectively double their earnings!

Required Skills:

  • Proficient typing speed and accuracy.
  • Strong concentration skills.
  • Excellent listening ability, crucial for dealing with poor audio quality or heavy accents in audio files.

02. Blogger

Blogging grants me the freedom to travel at my convenience, work from the comfort of my home, maintain a flexible schedule, generate income, and enjoy various other benefits.

Blogging can be initiated at a relatively low cost, requiring only a computer and an internet connection. My primary activities involve composing fresh blog posts, engaging with readers and companies via email, and various other tasks

Despite my lack of experience in online writing or marketing, I managed to transform Kabir Post into a six-figure business within a span of less than two years! Starting a blog requires strong organizational skills and the ability to multitask. Typing alone is just a fraction of the skills you must cultivate. However, the potential rewards and earnings are limitless if you are willing to invest the necessary effort.

Required Skills:

  • Strong command of written English is essential.
  • Advantageous to have knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Familiarity with content management systems, particularly WordPress.

03. Sell printables on Etsy

Selling printables online is a versatile job that involves tasks such as typing, graphic design, and more.

Creating printables on platforms like Etsy offers a lucrative income opportunity, requiring the creation of a single digital file per product. This file can be sold an unlimited number of times.

But, what precisely are printables?

Printables are digital products that customers can download and print at home. Examples include grocery shopping checklists, gift tags, printable quotes for wall art, and various other creative ideas.

04. Online bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is responsible for monitoring the financial transactions of a business. In the role of an online bookkeeper, your tasks would involve typing from the comfort of your home.

The intriguing aspect is that even if you are entirely new to this field, you can embark on a career as an online bookkeeper.

There is a substantial demand for online bookkeepers, and if you aspire to work from home with an annual income of $40,000 or more, bookkeeping might be an ideal fit.

As a bookkeeper, your responsibilities include assisting businesses in managing their finances by tracking receipts and expenditures. This involves keeping tabs on sales, expenses, and producing financial reports.

Virtual bookkeepers have the advantage of working remotely, eliminating the need to physically be present in an office. The nature of bookkeeping makes it well-suited for remote work, as all tasks can be efficiently carried out online or through computer software.

05. Ghostwriting

In today’s digital age, with the abundance of online content, individuals ranging from businesses and entrepreneurs to bloggers and content creators are seeking the assistance of ghostwriters to produce written material that they can claim as their own.

As a ghostwriter, your role entails crafting content anonymously on their behalf.

In certain aspects, ghostwriting can prove to be more advantageous compared to writing under your own name, as it alleviates the burden of dealing with additional responsibilities associated with content creation, such as generating ideas, promoting the content, and monetizing it.

06. Freelance writer

Freelance writing is an increasingly popular career choice, and its growth trajectory appears to be on a steady rise.

This profession involves consistent typing, making it an ideal fit for individuals who enjoy this activity. If you find satisfaction in typing, freelance writing might be a great match for you.

A freelance writer is someone who creates content for various clients, including websites, blogs, magazines, news publications, and more. Unlike traditional employees, freelance writers operate independently, contracting out their writing services.

For those with a swift typing speed, there is an opportunity to increase productivity by producing more blog posts, leading to the potential for a higher income in this dynamic field.

7. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, your work would primarily involve typing from the convenience of your home while performing a diverse range of tasks.

With the increasing prevalence of online activities, more individuals engage in stay-at-home jobs and businesses such as website management, social media, real estate, advertising, and more. This surge in online endeavors has led to a high demand for virtual assistant roles.

Virtual assistant tasks encompass a broad spectrum, including:

  • Managing social media
  • Formatting and proofreading content
  • Scheduling travel and appointments
  • Handling email communication
  • Maintaining spreadsheets
  • Handling phone calls

In essence, as a virtual assistant, you have the opportunity to earn income by undertaking various tasks that are essential to a business but do not necessarily require the direct involvement of the business owner.

Required Skills for Virtual Assistant Role:

  • High level of organizational proficiency.
  • Strong administrative skills to manage diverse tasks efficiently.
  • Familiarity with platforms and processes related to social media, blogging, and email marketing is advantageous.

08. Survey taker

Paid online surveys may not constitute a full-time job, but if you’re seeking a low-time commitment opportunity each month, this could be worth exploring.

As a survey taker, your main task involves completing online surveys using your laptop. You’ll answer questions and provide feedback, and compensation is typically in the form of money sent to your PayPal account, gift cards, or free items.

Companies rely on individuals like you to take surveys, gaining insights into public opinions about their products and overall company perception. This valuable feedback helps them identify areas for improvement.

Survey takers often register with multiple survey companies since each company typically sends out only a few surveys each month. This allows participants to maximize their opportunities to earn rewards.

09. Social media copywriter

With the increasing significance of social media for brands, social media copywriting has emerged as one of the most lucrative typing jobs online.

If you enjoy spending time on social media, you can transform this interest into a source of income.

As a social media copywriter, your role involves assisting businesses and influencers in fostering their community and promoting their products across various social media platforms.

Tasks associated with this role include:

  • Writing, editing, and publishing engaging content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Optimizing social media posts to resonate with a brand’s target audience.
  • Selecting visually appealing images and videos to complement your written content.

If this sounds appealing to you, consider investing time and effort into developing the skills necessary for this dynamic and in-demand role.

10. Live chat agent

Large corporations often choose to outsource their customer service departments to individuals who work remotely from home. In most cases, these companies compensate their employees with an hourly wage.

Consequently, there is a possibility for you to secure a position as an online chat agent. As an online chat agent, your responsibilities may include providing technical support, offering customer assistance, and addressing various inquiries.

A customer service representative’s role may involve responding to help or support requests through online platforms like live chat or email. This type of job typically requires proficient typing skills.

Are online typing jobs considered legitimate?

Online typing jobs are indeed genuine and valid. As an individual who works remotely, I am well aware of numerous others who also engage in online work and dedicate a significant portion of their day to typing tasks.

Numerous companies actively recruit online workers, and there exists a wide array of online typing enterprises that one can venture into.

In today’s technologically advanced era, the availability of online typing jobs is abundant. I suggest exploring the ones that pique your interest the most and delving deeper into understanding them.

Indeed, there is a diverse array of online typing jobs that might align with your preferences and qualifications. Factors such as typing speed, accuracy, skill set, and your preference for full-time or part-time positions, as well as entry-level opportunities, will play a crucial role in finding the online typing job that best suits you. Explore the variety of options available and discover the ideal online typing job for your unique needs and aspirations.