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With the continued expansion of the Internet and electronic services, almost everyone has become interested in possession of his website and even manage his own blog, portfolio, commercial, or an online store. So lets learn about squarespace

Which called for the emergence of new technologies to help customers create their own
websites/blogs without the need for minimum web development skills! One of them is

SQUARESPACE is an integrated content management system, drag and drop website builder and web hosting services platform launched in January 2004.

Are there alternatives for squarespace?

The answer is YES, you have Wix, Weebly, WordPress, Shopify…etc.
All are nice solutions for beginners, but it also depends on which type of website you want.

So, what makes Squarespace competitive?
Squarespace competitive

The answer is simple, the incredible ease of use is what any user looks for! no learning curve to start using it and tutorials are available for everything you need.


It also has many features contributed to the significant growth in the number of users:

You don’t need to care about responsiveness issue! You customize your interface once (ok
desktop), and view it for different devices (tablet, mobile, laptop, …)

Has Built-in analytical platform that gives your insight into how your site is
performing and your visitors’ behaviors

There are not a lot of these templates (compared with other website builders, for example,
with Wix), but they are each unique. Although they are not free, but they don’t charge a large fee!

SSL secures visitors’ connections to your site and improves your ranking in Google
search results. All Squarespace websites come with free 2048-bit SSL certificates, which are created and renewed automatically.

With Squarespace, there are no security patches to install or software to update. Your site is always protected from malware or buggy plugins.

You get 24/7 personalized support from highly-trained professionals. Customer Care
Advisors provide solutions based on deep knowledge of Squarespace. Reach out any time
and get to speak with a real person who can answer your questions!
This makes the technical support for Squarespace exceptional.

Squarespace gives you no limits on your site’s storage and bandwidth.


Could my site go down?

site down

The answer is YES, but you do no need to worry about that. First, the sites rarely go down
because of a hosting issues however, the uptime is great. Second, that happens a few times in the year and that doesn’t exceed hours, since the support team immediately resolves it!

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Should I always choose Squarespace for any website?

The answer is No, in addition to the previous advantages, you should be familiar with these points -mixed of features and challenges- before starting your Squarespace website:

• eCommerce is also already integrated, which means you have the ability to add a
store in at any time.

• It does have great integrations that are enough for most people: Google Apps,
Mailchimp for email marketing, and social publishing

• Very easy page editor which allows you to drag-and-drop and duplicate elements at
your leisure.

• Customizable CSS.

• If you already have a domain, it’s simple to transfer your third-party domain to
Squarespace and get all of the same benefits as buying a domain from Squarespace.

• If you want to add a vast amount of functionality and changes to the template you
choose, you’ll find it challenging to be able to implement them unless you have
intermediate coding knowledge to implement them.

• No support or regulation for the 3rd party apps or plugins used in some of the
templates. So, if something breaks, you are essentially on your own to fix it.

• Squarespace will work for almost any small business website or blog, but it’s usually
not the best platform for very large projects. You’ll notice that the usability of
Squarespace decreases the more you customize and hack it up to do what you want.

• You don’t have direct access to editing the source code.

In my opinion, if you have a small business or limited customizations, you do not need to care about these limitations, and have cost deals you should try WordPress �

What about Costs?

Squarespace pricing website builder

You should know that you can sign up for the free 14-days trial account, after the 14 days, you have to select a monthly or annual pricing plan according to your needs. Check them here:

If you view the pricing tables, you will notice that an annual plan saves between 13% to 25% compared to a month-to-month plan.

Let’s Start Our Squarespace!

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