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Europe is a continent full of history and different cultures that coexist in the same environment, is usually called the mother of the now at days civilization and a great place for expanding our view of the world. But at the same time European tours can offer a lot of different options and varieties on visiting attractions that can leave everyone in a big mess or lost in the middle of Europe with no way to communicate. These tips are meant to be a guide for those kinds of situations while travelling in Europe.


10. Lodging: Check the prices

While doing your reservation usually the cheapest option is the best one when you are trying to save money for having more European tours. Still things like breakfast, extra meals or the tours provided by the hotel can change that price.  Getting a breakfast outside the hotel everyday can be way more expensive than paying a little more while booking.

If you aren’t really into hotels and prefer having a firsthand experience of their daily lifestyle, Airbnb is a cheaper option that with also helps you to know some less touristic places that aren’t in the European tours but as beautiful as one. Another option is staying in a hostel, where you pay is your bed not the room, so you can be with other 20 people in the same room. As you are sleeping with other people helps you to know a lot of different people from all over the world and meeting all kind of new places.


09. Eating cheap and local culinary

“You can really meet the local culinary while eating in a fancy restaurant” said no one ever. Don’t fear eating in some random store that is down street, usually the service is way better, cheaper and faster all for a lower price! Of course, this is also a good way to meet locals that can teach you with more patience than a waitress with other 30 clients to serve. Even tips for going to certain places, arriving to somewhere special or avoiding some types of European tours.


08. Lost and found: offline maps

Downloading an offline map on your phone can be a savior when it comes to finding new places or just exploring the city without having to pay for international roaming and eliminates the intermediaries that for some language mistake can lead you to nowhere. If you rent a car, download the map of the city with all the street. The same goes if you are a passerby download there are special options for the sidewalk or for public transportation. Going to an adventure to find new places haven’t ever been this easy. Do your own European tour!


07. Cheaper flights

Getting to Europe needs to be the first step and buying a ticket can be tricky. The best way to find cheap tickets is in pages that are specialized in that, you can subscribe to a specific alert for a flight and go buying it when the notification arrives to your mail inbox with a special discount that fits you. If an organized planning goes more with you then when planning visit as much as possible pages as you can, generally the unusual airports that are opening across all Europe or taking more flight scales gets the price lower, that can help you to do your own tour in the city while waiting for the other flight.


06. Mobilizing

Paying for taxis for going anywhere can cost a little fortune in Europe, changing to your local currency can give you an idea. Plenty cities in Europe have a great public transportation system that isn’t expensive comparing distances with taking a taxi. Asking locals or just downloading an offline map of the public system can help saving money and go faster. Walking is also a good, priceless and healthier way to move around for short and medium distances. Perfect option for making your own European tour in the way without the expenses of one.


05. Guidetours

Having a guide tour is a good way to know the city in a safe way -if you get lost they’ll find you-. Some hotels -not all of them- have agreements with tours enterprises specialized on European tours for a special price for their clients or special features. Check the policies of every hotel before deciding booking in the cheapest.  The same thing can be applied to all European tours, as much as the lowest price can be tempting sometimes the price is justified. Better pay 15 bucks more in your country than 50 when you are already in there.


04. You’re hot and you’re cold. Seasons.

Europe as any other vacations destination gets expensive in summer: the food, the flights, the tours and the list goes on. Nothing against snow, Europe looks beautiful in snow, but being totally honest when it’s that cold outside the feeling of going out and having adventures in low but the season makes other costs lower. Maybe the beast season is September, November until Easter and finally June, before summer appears. Why? The climate is good, not so many tourists, the attractions are open and prices are comfortable.


03. Communication skills

Having almost 50 countries with each one speaking a different language makes impossible going around all Europe with 20 dictionaries as luggage.  Once again living in the XXI century has advantages. With a smartphone, download an app and you can ask freely for directions some apps can work offline and have real time translation for a fluent conversation or their own European tours integrated for special attractions. Remember, not everyone talks English perfectly. Is a better solution instead of the 20 dictionaries? Can be.


02. The SO expensive international roaming

Going around with airplane mode and staling Wi-Fi whenever a coffee shop is near doesn’t classify as a classic European tour. Recently the European parliament abolished roaming mobile phone charges, buy a plan with any mobile company for just the one or two months you are staying in Europe -read terms and conditions first, not all apply-. Now you can move freely all-around Europe with your data plan and just cancel when the trip is over.


01. Camouflage

Being a foreign makes you an easy spot for everyone if you are all into breaking the etiquette or normal social behavior. Isn’t bad to be a foreign but no one likes being rude or disturbed people for lacking knowledge. Try to find the to do and not to do in the cities or special places. For example, the voice tone of the Europeans is a softer than Americans, so try to lower your voice on public places as a sign of education for your pairs. Not being the loud group of tourists making a the usual European tour by disturbing the locals.

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