4 easy ways to make a pickiest child loves healthy food.

If you want to know the suitable healthy food for your child then you should know whats the healthy food??

Healthy food means eating a set of foods from all food groups. It means you must select fewer foods that have lots of fats and sugar. But it does not mean that your child cannot eat desserts from time to time.

Why is healthy food important?

Unhealthy eating  can lead to health problems, overweight, and obsity. Some of the health problems caused by unhealthy foods can be very serious, especially as your child  grows into an adult. By teaching your child healthy eating habits, you can help prevent these health problems in the future.

At the beginning I think you ask yourself Can I really make a difference in the food of my pickiest child?and can I see my child eating healthy  food?

healthy food pickiest child

The answer will be in your hand after you complete reading these points:

1.Be your pickiest childs friend.
If you become a good friend to your child you will be change his bad eating habits and make him want more and more of healthy food. To be a friend to your child you should do the following:

Try to make the child participate in cooking food and give him some tasks. By making the child do something in the kitchen so he will feel that he is responsible for what he eat and enjoy mixing ingredients  and waiting until they mature.

bring a beautiful pictures about healthy food and tell him about the benefit of each one.

Tell him an interesting stories during food so he will wait for each meal to hear your story.

2.Offer healthy food on the dining table.
Be sure you have attractive, healthy food options obtainable  for your family. Provide a variety of choices so your child can tast different things. Simple  ways to support healthy nutrition include the following:

Provide  several fruit and vegetable options every day. At the mall, let your child choose fruits and vegetables that he or she enjoys eating or wants to try it.

Provide sources of protein, such as all types of fish, eggs and chicken breast.

offer breads and cereals.

Cook food by Boiling, grilling, or steaming

instead of frying them.

Teach your child to like low-fat milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

Encourage your child to drink plenty of water or milk instead of sugar-added drinks such as fruit juice.

Limit fast food, takeout, and junk food. Avoid fried snacks like a sandwich of hamburger.

3.Be a usful sample for your pickiest child.
Be sure that you are eating healthy food in front of him and doing  physical activity at home everyday. Make the whole family participate in eating a healthy  food. You can pursuit good eating habits by doing the following:

eat breakfast everyday morning as a part the morning routine. Breakfast is significant to give your child the energy that needs to learn quickly and be energetic.

Let your child determine how much to eat. Don’t  urge on your child  to “clean the plate” or encourage him to complete his food in exchange for eating something he loves.

Try to Eat meals on table with each other as a family.

Teach your child to eat bit by bit and to stop eating  when he  starts to sense full.

4. keep trying if you don’t achieve your goal .  
Your  Child may require  exposure to a food or meal 10 to 20 times before he decide to eat it. It can take another 10 to 20 tries before they determine if they like it, so you should be patient with them and do not be anger if they refuse to eat specific type of healthy food. Choose the suitable words when you serve meals  and he don’t want to eat it like say to him”it’s up to you”.

Do you remember the quastion that you asked yourself  when you begun to read these lines ?


its about your thought that if you can change  bad eating habits of your pickiest child to good and healthy food??

After you read these simple points above the answer will be,


healthy food

As a mother or father , you have a lot of influence on your child. He or she will follow your habits, so it’s important  for you to be a good role model when it comes to making healthy food choices.

Even small changes in your family’s eating habits and physical activity can have a big impact on your child’s health in future.

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