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latest technology trends

Technology, who doesn’t love technology and what it does in our lives. Technology today defines how we live, eat, relax and even have fun. It has made life easy to live in any situation you are in. The year 2017 has been a good year for tech minds that have come up with latest technology … Read more

Bengali (Bangla) Language – Now a part of AdSense supported languages!

adsense bangla

As of September 26, 2017, Google has announced that Bengali (Bangla) language, commonly spoken in Bangladesh and India among many other countries, is now supported in the AdSense community. This will aid in boosting the increasing interest in the said language as well as assist locals by providing them with specific and suitable advertisements.   … Read more

Google panda and penguin algorithm update.

algorithm update

Bringing the relevant pages to the top under Different Algorithm Update The aim of the SEO was to bring the relevant information to the top of the search page. Google regulated the search result through algorithm update. Google aims to provide the most relevant result to the audience looking for information. As days pass, sites … Read more

What is google algorithm and How does Google search algorithms work?

Google algorithm

You are always interested how Google search always finds best answers to you questions. How their engine works that much easily. But all the articles in the net are too complicated to understand. So let’s nail it. Let’s understand how does it actually work with a super easy explanation. Once you wrote your question you … Read more

Are You Afraid of the Algorithm Changes of Google?

google Algorithm

Google algorithm keeps on changing frequently. SEO Professionals search for the updates that Google make through its algorithm changes. Unlike the past days, Google is not confirming its updates. A weekly change in traffic has been a common trend in Search engine Optimization. Most of the time a sudden change in the ranking and traffic … Read more

How to Use Google Search More Effectively.

google search kabirpost

Search engine Google is so firmly established in our lives that many people got a conditioned reflex, as soon as they have slightest difficulty, they immediately address Google search for tips. Even beginners know how to use Google search as it is not something complicated. But not everyone knows how to use Google search more … Read more