You like the idea of working, but you do not like the idea to be tied to a single job for months? Then, the freelancer site is really a great option that offers to you online earning. Unlike traditional professions where you usually get paid by the hour, here you are payed for what you produce, or accomplish.

What you should know before going into the water as freelancer:

  1. Decide what are you going to work (graphic designer, web developer, application developer, writer, ….)
  2. Study really hard; ex.If you decide to work as a graphic designer learn the full Adobe suite (logo, banners, templates for sites)
  3. Make portfolio with several creations that you like and you have made in the learning process
  4. Begin to work, customers want to read and understand, so read and answer them (do not copy paste text as almost everyone does)
  5. And do not be discouraged. At the beginning,it is difficult because you’re fresh on that site